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20 Cabinet Paint Color Combos for the Kitchen

20 Cabinet Paint Color Combos for the Kitchen

The color of the kitchen cabinets is a mix of baby blue and green. She got the color just right, after several attempts. I love how the glass-front cabinets seem to float on the walls. This look is achieved by leaving the cabinets backless, and exposing the wall of tile.

Slate blue kitchen cabinets and brass lighting in this classic kitchen. Come see 36 Best Beautiful Blue and White Kitchens to Love! #blueandwhite #bluekitchen #kitchendesign #kitchendeco

“Building Haven’s was big because I learned how to make a commercial kitchen. Although it is a not a restaurant, we built it so that restaurant chefs could come and do supper clubs and make dinners. It needed to be this hybrid where home cooks wouldn’t feel intimidated and feel comfortable learning but also where professional cooks wouldn’t think it was crappy stuff. There is like the golden triangle or whatever it’s called. I don’t think it is called the golden triangle. It is where you have ‘x

Kitchen Design Ideas White cabinets with Brushed nickel hardware, muted blue island with white flecked quartz. This image has get 0 repins. Author: Tara Czamara #Design #Ideas #Kitchen

Everything About Unique Kitchen Cabinets DIY #kitchenideasyoucanuse #kitchenremodeling #kitchenrenovationcomplete #K

White Upper Dark Lower Kitchen Cabinets | layjao

blue distressed kitchen cabinets gorgeous blue kitchen cabinet ideas distressed …#blue #cabinet #cabinets #distressed #gorgeous #ideas


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