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Apple – cinnamon – liqueur, a nice recipe from the liqueur category. Ratings: 49. Average: Ø 4.4.

Homemade liqueur from Werther's Echte should not be missing in any house bar. The cream candies make an incredibly creamy drink with vodka.

750 g fruits (forest fruits, frozen) 500 g powdered sugar 100 ml lemon juice 250 ml water puree 750 ml vodka, sieve, fill, keep for 1/2 year

Recipe GIOTTO liqueur from Dree81 – recipe in the drinks category

The Moscow Mule is the slightly different drink and a nice change of cocktails at every party! #cocktails #longdrinks #moscowmule #vodka

Fast raspberry liqueur (without ripening), a tasty recipe from the fruit category. Ratings: 9. Average: Ø 4.0.

Nutella schnapps Ingredients: 250 g Nutella 200 ml long-life milk 250 ml vodka 50 g brown sugar How to mix the Nutella schnapps Mix milk with Nutella and brown sugar in a blender until the sugar has completely dissolved. Then add vodka and whisk again on the highest level. Serve the schnapps on ice. Incidentally, the Nutella drink lasts around a month in the refrigerator.

How about a fruity, exotic punch for the next party? Pineapple, passion fruit and orange provide the tropical taste. Add raspberries and mint for the freshness kick, grain on top, done. So easy, quick


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