Children's punch bowl: These punch bowl recipes are non-alcoholic and delicious! | Wonder woman

Children's punch bowl: Non-alcoholic punch bowl for the little ones

Homemade mango iced tea – super refreshing recipe for summer

Melon punch, a good recipe from the summer category. Ratings: 2. Average: Ø 3.8.

Here is our recipe idea for the next children's birthday: the children's cocktail "The Frozen". Of course without alcohol!

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Our recipe for non-alcoholic mulled wine is perfect when children and drivers are visiting. The punch is in no way inferior to the original taste! # mulled wine # alcohol-free # punch # christmas

Everyone knows it, everyone loves it: peach iced tea is a real cult drink. Here you can find out how you can easily make the refreshing iced tea yourself.

A very tasty alternative to mulled wine is mulled beer – we have the recipe – and this mantle leg also tastes good with non-alcoholic beer!


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