The sophisticated drink recipe with French flair: Lillet Winter Vive. Here g…

The refined drink recipe with French flair: Lillet Winter Vive. Here's the recipe:

Lillet Berry Set For professional bar cocktails Lillet Blanc glasses

Lillet Winter Thyme: The alternative to mulled wine with pear, cinnamon and thyme. It's so easy to drink – now on!

5 really cool alternatives to the eternal Hugo or Aperol Spritz for the next garden party – for example Delicious Fruity Lillet

There we have it again, I have to be more among the people! The latest drinks are asbach ancient before they reach me. And while I'm still holding on to Hugo, my friend smiles

Lillet Berry with Schweppes Russian Wild Berry and red berries © Pernod Ricard

Advertisement – recipe for super delicious and fruity warm winter gin. Refined with apple, pomegranate and cinnamon. The trend drink for cold days. #gin #wintergin # mulled wine # drink mulledgin

A very tasty alternative to mulled wine is mulled beer – we have the recipe – and this mulled leg also tastes good with non-alcoholic beer!


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